Composer Basic Install Fails

I get the following error when attempting the composer "basic" install:


Could not find package yiisoft/yii2-app-basic with stability stable[/b][/size].

I’m using Mac OS X 10.8.5, PHP version 5.4.32, Apache server on a local machine, composer 2014-09-25 (I know, yesterday).

So I don’t know if the Yii installation is broken or if the basic (stable) Composer install is corrupt.

p.s. I noticed this post on the web from Jordi Boggiano:!topic/composer-dev/_g3ASeIFlrc/discussion


I want to give a last warning before doing this, because it will most

likely affect many of you:

On Wednesday (in two days) we will switch the default stability inside

composer to be "stable" instead of "dev". This will also mark the

release of alpha4.

What this means is that by default composer will not see packages of

types RC, beta, alpha or dev. There are a few way to overcome this:

  • If you require explicitly a version like dev-master, a rule is added

for that package that dev packages are ok.

  • If you require a package using "<someconstraint>@<stability>", e.g.

"1.0@beta", this adds a rule for that package. If you want to add a rule

for a dependency of a dependency that is not available, you can just use

"@beta" or "@dev" which adds the rule but without adding an additional

version constraint.

  • You can add a rule for all packages at once, by adding this to your

composer.json: "minimum-stability": "dev"

The latter is the current behavior, so if you want to prepare for the

change, adding this to your composer.json will make it "future proof".

However the best thing would be that everyone tags releases (if only

alpha ones), because relying on dev packages is not sustainable.

Please help spread the word.


Jordi Boggiano

Does this completely break the Composer install command ?

p.s. I also tried to install the basic using --stablility=dev option, but I’m having issues with that as well. I’m opening a separate topic for that.

We don’t have stable release yet.

Thank you for the reply. I had guessed that’s what the problem was (eventually - lol).

Perhaps the "Installing via Composer" documentation should be modified. Options might include:

 * Modify the composer call so that it defaults to &quot;--stability=dev&quot; until a stable release is available.  (I don't know if that's possible, I'm brand new to composer.

 * Eliminate the stable call completely until a stable version is available.

 * Switch the stable call with the development call and modify the documentation appropriately, 

   (i.e., Tip would refer to the stable option with a caveat that it's not yet available. 

 * Add a note that the stable version is not yet loadable and to use the development switch until a stable version exists.

This may seem trivial to the development and/or documentation team, however if you consider how much time a new end user might spend when encountering this problem, it may be worth updating. Also, if you have new "customers" or evaluators going through the documentation, they could easily become disenchanted with a failure like this so early in the process (just some feedback).

btw - kudos to the team for an improved documentation on Yii 2.0 vs 1.1. Keep up the good work.

Mike K.

So how can a I start using Yii 2.0 RC is released? I need to add "–stability=dev"?


Please follow the installation instructions on