"complex" mass update?

How would one handle a more complex mass update in Yii2 without having to fall back on literal queries?

I’m talking something in the sense of

UPDATE table_name SET column1 = value, column2 = CONCAT(column2, "Extra") WHERE TIMESTAMPDIFF(NOW(), column3) > 600

And as mentioned above, of course it is possible with a “raw query”, just wondering if there is a more code friendly way :)

I’d use raw query for it since in this case you are sure what will be done and since it’s applied to many entries it’s extremely important.

I think it can be done with Query as well. Probably you’ll need to wrap some parts with Expression.

Yeah that’s what I was afraid for. It’s not that bad, I simply don’t like the sight of “raw sql” in my code all of a sudden and the query interface is quite elegant.

Thanks for the reply.