Complex form - where to start

I am just about to dive in to port one of our detail forms and wanted to see if there were any suggestions or existing extensions that might assist before I craft completely by hand.

form will look something like this:


foreach($mortgage->applicants as $applicant){


foreach($applicant->previous_employers as $previous_employers)


foreach($applicant->assets as $asset)


foreach($applicant->liabilities as $liability)



I will need the ability to add or remove applicants from $mortgage (and therefore form). There are also things like addresses for applicants. So it becomes a fairly large form with multiple models and relationship types. Are there any existing extensions or classes I should be reviewing. So far I have been playing with CActiveForm. Is that the best place to be?

Hope you don’t mind me asking but you guys have a lot of great stuff and I don’t want to spend a bunch of time re-inventing the wheel if I don’t have to.




I’m not sure if others agree with me, but I think that you answered yourself on this problem. It is a large relationship database structure and I don’t see any existing extension that could help you here, except building CRUD concept using gii tool for developing partial forms for each of element of your relationship structure.

BTW: Use code tag (second button to the right), if you are pasting some code, so it will be readable.



Thanks, I kinda figured that but thought since this will be a fairly big piece of code I should at least ask if there are any shortcuts. ;0)