Complete CGridView tutorial?

Hi, I have been using Yii in many projects and the one thing I’m still missing is complete CGridView tutorial,

where all this special issues are solved, like using CGridView with multiple joined tables and modifying the models and the search function to correspond complicated business logic. This is a headache even to advanced programmer and problems gets even badder if you are using url-managing that has been set to "path" instead of default (I think that using url type path should be a default instead of this r-system, I mean the structure index.php?r=controller/action&foo=baa…).

I think one who really can use CGridView completely should write a tutorial, it would help a lot, how he got and solved all this problems that you will face when trying to use CGridView in complicate business logic. Is there someone links you could share? Any help would be very wellcome!

Since you have used Yii in many projects, you could start yourself writing a Wiki article, and other could join. ;)

I think the problem is that many people see how cool gridview works out of the box, and then they want it to do all their stuff, while forgetting that it is maybe not the best tool for the task. It is twisted in unholy ways, that no human is supposed to follow.

This makes it difficult to write a complete tutorial. People want to search and sort in 10 related models, update, delete, keep state, display related models 3 levels deep, etc.

However, searching in related models is not that difficult:

I agree that we definitely need a complete and detailed tutorial on that.

samdark has started an open source project for the tutorial on CGridView, CListView, CActiveDataProvider and CArrayDataProvider …

It’s far from complete as it is now.

So, why don’t we make some contribution to help him (and help ourselves). :)

Thanks for the replies, specially for softark, I found that link usefull.

I’m sorry that my respond got so huge delay, althought this is issue is up to date at least the following 3 years.