Compare validator and client side validation

Hello, I’m having issues using the compare validator (I’m comparing 2 passwords).

so i have ‘password’ and ‘password_repeat’

Here is my validation rule:

array(‘password’,‘compare’, ‘message’=>’{attribute} must be equal to {compareAttribute}.’)

and labels:

public function attributeLabels(){

return array(

	'password' => 'Password',

	'password_repeat' => 'Password Repeat',



The validation works well, but with the server side validation I get this error message:

"Password must be equal to Password Repeat."

whereas with the client side validation I get:

"Password must be equal to {compareAttribute}."

(compareAttribute is implicit using password_repeat, dunno if it’s a bug or if I’m wrong somewhere.)

Second thing: while explicitly using the compareAttribute, server side validation still work perfectly well, but no more client validation at all :(.

Has anybody already got these problems? Is there a way to fix it?

Thanks a lot !


GitHub issue for this "issue" -

Ok nice thx :)