compare form fields before submission

Hi all,

I have a model with the fields: Permitted_quantity and issued_quantity.

What i want is after the user has entered the values and clicks on submit i need it to be checked if the issued_quantity that has been entered is less than the permitted_quantity. If not i want an alert box or a message displayed saying "the permitted limit has been crossed. "

How do i go about this?

Thanks in advance

Just for clarification, do you wan to show the error message or suppress it?

If you want to show the error message, I think you can use of a validation method in your model like this:

    public function rules()


        return array(


            array('issued_quantity', 'quantity_check'),




    public function quantity_check($attribute,$params)


        if( $this->issued_quantity > $this->Permitted_quantity)

            $this->addError('issued_quantity','the permitted limit has been crossed.');


It’s ajax ready.

Check the guide : Working with Forms > Creating Model > Declaring Validation Rules.