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(Jacob Moen) #1


A wiki page listing blogs and other Yii related sites was created:

[size="4"]Yii Related Sites[/size]


I’d like to have a link/section under Community with links to good Yii-related blogs,sites, tutorials.

If you already have it, please ignore this. :)

Larry Ullmans blog is listed in the tutorials page, but there are other good resources out there.

Here’s some of the places I have gathered:

There are probably many more…

Many of those are probably mentioned on the Yii radio site, but it would be nice to have an ongoing list, like an official blogroll.;)

(Antonio) #2

Wow! I am flattered! You have listed my own blog! :) Thanks man… I will put a bit more effort into it…Please, do not forget to include in your list.

I am currently involved in a project, but as soon as I finish, I will be helping as much as I can. Virtual Darkness has done a great job.

(Y!!) #3

This would fit into the documentation->resources page. But what you think about creating a wiki-article for those pages and then we link the wiki-article under resources? This has the benefit that everyone can edit the wiki and we don’t have to update the website all the time.

(Jacob Moen) #4

Sounds like a good idea. :)

By the way:

I feel like the ‘resources’ link belongs in the Community menu, as it’s a list of community contributed resources.

But that’s nitpicking… ;)

Does the Yii team do blogs?

I found Jonahs blog:

(Antonio) #5

That is an excellent idea, nevertheless, I suggest that this post be maintained as well. I know that there plenty of people that do like to surf more the boards than the actual sites (me for example).

(Jacob Moen) #6

I’ve created the page:

Yii Related Sites

Feel free to beef it up a bit! :)

I’ll add to it as I find new things…

We can do that too! B)

(Antonio) #7 (spanish)

(Jacob Moen) #8

Jack Fiallos, Trinidev and added… ;)

Trinidev (French) (Russian)

(Jacob Moen) #9

Larry Ullman

Programmers Notes

Voyager (Chinese)

(Jacob Moen) #10

Samdarks blog added:

(Admin Angels) #11

It’s very good idea.

Aside from the official site I had no other information source about yiiframework.

Thank you!

(Jacob Moen) #12

Thanks! :lol:

Yii is young and it’s not so easy to find sites about it (yet).

That’s definitely changing… ;)

Added Tips Tank

(Jacob Moen) #13

If you could put a link to this on the ‘Resources’ page, please? :)

Yii Related Sites

(Y!!) #14

Done, should be visible as soon as qiang applies the change.

(Jacob Moen) #15

Awesome - thanks! :)

(Jacob Moen) #16

Late, but here’s the latest additions:




Martín Sagastume



I think that’s it - for now.

I’ll be sure to update this topic as the blogroll changes.

(Jacob Moen) #17

XiaoNi’ Blog (Chinese)

(Antonio) #18

Thanks for this jacmoe…

(Jacob Moen) #19

New English blog:

Software Development Journal

Marko Bischofs blog added (German):

(Jacob Moen) #20

Hungarian blog added: