Community extension collective

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It’s a good goal, obviously. All the stated objectives seem good to me.

That was a quote from

I honestly don’t know. Although I have a suggestion that could help how we think about it.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse. I mean, avoid bureaucracy (rule making, process, formal goals, guides, etc.) until it is clearly needed at which point the people actually doing the work decide what they need. This should come fairly easily in the Yii community because the Yii Framework project has a history of adding bureaucracy ad hoc like this.

The people who will actually do the work (on code/docs and organizing efforts etc.) are for the time being unknown. But once the project is rolling, they will know best what work lies ahead and how to organize it with the community resources available. It won’t help to constrain their policy space up front.

Now, this may seem at odds with my question about decision making. Not really. The question was intended to highlight that if you assign a lot of authority the project team in advance then you’ll need to address its decision making in advance too.

(Schmunk) #32

Maybe we need to sort that out :slight_smile: To me official means: maintained by the core team.

(Tom) #33

Ah well that’s not what was intended with the use of the word official.

What I mean is that any framework benefits from having one - and only one - collective, community initiative. Some preferential treatment by giving it a dedicated category on this forum, a unique badge/tag/category on the extensions catalog page, et cetera would make it kind of official. But indeed, not maintained by the core team. They have plenty on their plate as it is, so this would by all accounts be up to the community!

(Alexander Makarov) #34

I’m fine setting up dedicated forum caregory. Let me know about the structure you need.

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I very glad to see this proposal.

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For reference:

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I’ve been out for some days, and i am proud to see so much movement in all areas of YII, WOW.
for some who said it was confined to disappear, or dead…
i totally agree on @toMeloos overall idea of a comunity of certified developers who make some certified code, still i think it would be better as @hiqsol proposed, but one for yii3 specific packages a other more generic for the non directly yii, and the name shoud represent a contributer developper comunity who build yii extentions in a ‘certified environment’ following yii standards and sure that the code will be curated reviewed or else yii certified:
I suggest for the name (yiipeople seams to me, inspite to be a fine name, not very representative of the purpose, maybe to vague):

coDev - (co-developpers)

devCo - (dev comunity)

yesDev - (yii - developers)

yesCode - (yii - co- developers)

yesco - ( yii co members - developers)

extdev - (yii extension developers)

certdev - (Certified Developement)

yiiWorld - (Yii developers Comunity, world of developers members) *

I really like this last one,

We need also to establish how to be a contributing member, and what rules and standards to be followed.
I also think it would be a must to be part of yiisoft, and not totally apart.
Or it would be yiiworld as a vendor
Not very sure on that one…
I can do a logo for the one who will be choosed and i may contribute on graphic/web design if needed, just tell me. Would be happy to contribute.

Cheers to all

(Alexander Makarov) #38

A logo would be cool :slight_smile:

(muitosefala) #39

OK, let’s do a logo, the name have been chosen yet?

(Alexander Makarov) #40

Working title is YiiPeople but it may be changed so a logo without text is preferred.

(Tom) #41

Like so many of you I’ve been kind of busy so sorry for the late replies.

Here’s the plan:

  1. The working title is YiiPeople for now and we have a YiiPeople/standards repository up and running to start defining standards and policies. I’d like to call on everyone that’s excited about this initiative to start contributing standards proposals. Let’s get this initiative on the road!
  2. I’ll launch a poll next week with all the names proposed so far to let everyone vote on the preferred name for this initiative. If it turns out it’s not YiiPeople, we’ll rename/move the existing stuff accordingly. If you have any additional name suggestions that you want included in the poll, let me know.

Thanks to @muitosefala for volunteering to design a logo. We should have that name for you soon.

(Schmunk) #42

For any name which is about to be picked there should be a GitHub organization available. I.e. is taken.

(muitosefala) #43

@schmunk , yep… absolutely expectable, didn’t had time to check that… So sad… That name would have been a winner…
Thats why I thought it should be better for this to be an yiisoft repository instead of being apart…
Well, I am studying logos as icons that could be used as the logo or else representation that can be necessary, and if I have time think on some other catchy names to be included on my next post.
Everyone should give their ideas and opinion on it too.
I wonder if there is someone wanting to give some ‘colour’ to this contribution also. :wink:
here some starting ideas, all of those icons are vector designed, I just can upload png here, don’t know if there is another way, so tell me:


(Tom) #44

These designs are great. Have any choices been made about your redesign proposals for Yii itself? It would make sense to pick a community logo in the same style/theme so this decision would depend on that decision.

Once that is clear my preference would be the one that best combines a visual reference to (1) yii, (2) extensions/packages and (3) community/collaboration.


What about something more like this:


“ii” looks like two persons, so IMO it is pretty good connection of “yii” and “people”.

(Alexander Makarov) #46

That’s cool! I like box-like things with Yii logo that are close to “Yii packages”.

(muitosefala) #47

yes @toMeloos you are right ,this is a first sketch and I did followed the base concept on my redesign proposal, maybe I am too attached to it yet, and they are not official, just a proposal. It is a starting, as this is a process and I am trying not to include letters, lettering or names, and as you say it must combine a visual reference with official existent ones, I am working on it.

(muitosefala) #48

At first, for prevent influencing on this first approach, I didn’t explain each one, but maybe it is good for all to know my thoughts on what represent those sketches:

First line left to right

  • code evolution 1
  • code evolution 2
  • code tag like symbol
  • package / code reader person v1
  • package / code reader person v2
  • Letter Y from YII in center, check symbol, person /coder
  • developer team island desk top view, Y from yii in center
  • C from code, yii actual logo
  • Box yii logo package v1
  • Box yii logo package v2
  • yii extensions packages

Second line left to right

  • code tag symbol, as flower
  • embracing packages as code evolution
  • extending code
  • again Y of yii implicit, people like suggestion
  • people like suggestion
  • collaborative people, embracing
  • Y flower
  • package box, yii symbol
  • yii beyond code I
  • Yii beyond code II
  • Yii From

Third line left to right

  • Code tag
  • stacking code extensions/packages, suggest person
  • Stacking hands of people as commitment
  • People supporting people
  • People
  • Check
  • People, flower, Y in center
  • Certificate shield like 1
  • Certificate shield like 2
  • Certificate shield like 3
  • Certificate shield like 4

Of course, it can be interpreted, anyone can see anything, be free to give your inputs.
I will post soon another ones.

(Stefano Mtangoo) #49

First row, last but one is a winner for me. IMHO, it should not necessarily have people in it but should be Yii-ed

(Tom) #50

Hi all, bit delayed but as promised I looked at the potential names. Spun off naming discussions in a separate thread, so please have a look at it and vote: Community extension collective name poll!