Coming from a 1/2 year Yii2 backend project: now I can offer up to 30 hours per week.


I’m coming from a 1/2 year Yii2 backend project, where I’ve worked with:

  • cacheing mechanism (memcached)

  • active record

  • Gii

  • console application

  • composer

  • PHPUnit

  • debugging with Xdebug

  • authentification + authorization

Of course I have good knowledge about the Yii2 online guide and documentation. My experience with PHPStorm IDE allows me to use the IDE features from Yii2 in learning from the in-code documentation and the code-navigation via namespaces and OOP-support.

I’ve also strong CMS skills by working for years with the Drupal CMS. Furthermore I’ve experienced in remote communication with principals and freelancers in english language for solving projects via remote work. I’m part of a germany based agency, so we can scale manpower/support if needed.

If you want to learn more about me, please feel free to ask. I’m open for a hangout or skype interview. Additionally I can send you my CV and skills matrix.

I would be pleasured by reading your message.