Combining RBAC with workflow

Hi guys,

I’m designing new solution for my application, aim is to mix workflow (model transition etc.) with RBAC, so user role can define, when user can view model and execute operations on certain workflow stage.

My biggest problem is that, not only roles define users, there are things that are similar to them and define its functionality (i.e. certain user can see extended view or some models or certain statuses are unvisible on list).

In my past I used RBAC and it worked well. I’ve tested SimpleWorkflow extension and in my opinion can be extended for this task… I thought also about mixin ACL, but can’t wrap my head around it.

Anyway, my question is does anyone had similar requirements or problems? I really dont want to reinvent the wheel :)

Anyone? Maybe I’ve started in a wrong topic?

i think SimpleWorkflow extension already have the solution

in SimpleWorkflow Docs


scroll down to (Status constraints) … i think this part is very useful in your situation.

and yet there is another powerful feature implemented in SimpleWorkflow extension which is : (Events)

(From Doc):

Following events are available :

  • onEnterWorkflow : the model has been inserted into a workflow.
  • onBeforeTransition : the model status is about to be changed. The transition that will be performed is valid which implies that it exists and that if a constraint is associated with the destination status, it has been evaluated as TRUE
  • onTransition : the model is changing status
  • onAfterTransition : the model has reached its destination status
  • onFinalStatus : the model is in a status that has no outgoing transition

in my opinion using the mentioned features (Status constraints/Events), can give you a full control almost for every situation you face.

This really looks interesting, so I’ll try to incorporate SW, so that I’ll be able to assign certain transitions to users.


Is it possible to have a working demo files?.