Combining datasources

I want to combine information from 2 seperate sources. As an example, I would have these 2 sources…

  • source 1: the blog-example "post" table.

  • source 2: an XML file (RSS)

…and show them on one page. Going with the blog-example, there is already a model, controller and view for this, but nothing for the RSS. I’m struggling with how to proceed.

Maybe I want to make 1 model?

Currently I’m thinking I would need to make a separate model for the RSS, but try and combine them in the controller. I don’t really know how to add 2 models to one controller: combine providers?

Then I might want separate view-parts for each type of item. But I’ve just thrown them all together.

(I’m not very experienced with the framework, but do have some coding experience. I might need some help with YII specific methods :wink: )

Let me refrase // restate : does anyone know an easy method to do something like the following?

a) make a model that gets information from 2 different tables (lets say two post-tables ‘post1’ and ‘post2’ with roughly (but not completely) the same fields.


B) how to use two dataproviders (or merge 2 dataproviders) for a basic setup with ‘zii.widgets.CListView’