Combining and Minimizing js/css Files

I’m reading the section of “Combining and Minimizing js/css Files” in 《Yii Application Development Cookbook 3rd.Edition》,I followed the steps in the book,but when I ran the command line “yii asset assets.php config/assets-prod.php”,error occured as shown following:

Loading configuration from ‘assets.php’…

Collecting source bundles information…

Creating output bundle ‘all’:

Compressing JavaScript files…

Error: Unable to access jarfile compiler.jar

Error: Unable to compress JavaScript files into ‘/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/basic_definitive/config/../web/assets/all-temp.js’.

now I have downloaded the compiler.jar and yuicompressor.jar,question is:

where should I put the compiler.jar and the yuicompressor.jar in my project?

I’m a Yii2 newbie,any help will be appreciated,many thanks!

compiler.jar file can be in your root directory or create a scripts dir and dump in there

Great!I just did what you have told me,it worked!Thank you! :)