Collect Data From View

I have a view, that just have radio button. I need to catch all data from this view and store it into my model object.

This view I have three step, but still same form. After submit first step, I store temp data into model. Step two I continuing store temp data I got to model. And step three I do like the same.

How can I keep data in model from step one to step three.

Sorry because my English is not good.

Thank you so much.

Initial question: wrap radiobutton in a form.

Three Step form: There are a couple of ways. I have seen on google to make a multi-step form using CJuiTabs, or CJuiAccordian. This would send all information in one ‘submit’.

If it is A LOT of information in each step, you could set ‘allow null’ for the db fields. Set rules for required as needed, and use ‘on’=>scenario option of the rules. Step1 scenario= insert/update. Step2 scenario=step2, etc.

This may be cryptic, but it’s not short answer and google has a lot of information that I have seen on this.