Collaboration Proposal - Sharepoint Layout

Hi there,

I believe themes and layouts are the weakest part of Yii. Sure, Imre Mehesz is doing really good job in Yii Themes, but for me personally this is not what I would be looking for.

I’m thinking about building really professional, yet freely available, yii webapp layout that would look as close as possible to what new Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 has to offer in user interface matter. People, who use Sharepoint, probably knows what I mean. For rest of you I’m attaching a series of screenshots with short description below. As you may see this is no longer just a theme or layout but a serie of widgets in most situation just the same as you may find in any component of Office 2007 or Office 2010 suite.

I would like to know, if someone would be interested in collaborative work over such project, as my current timeline (and knowledge) makes it impossible to achieve by just one person. The general problem is that I’m more developer than artist and lack in some areas of even basic knowledge about theming or CSS styling.

Because in my opinion Sharepoint-like theme and widgets are just perfect for any kind of control panel or administration module I think that there would be many Yii developers that could make a use of such package.

To not invent wheel again I would propose to use wonderful jQuery UI, which is already integrated into Yii. Here is the list what concerns me most, if below would be possible or would not cost to much work to achieve it in Yii + jQuery (see images below):

  • Checkbox list with buttons column,

  • Toolbar with: large buttons (i.e. New Item, New Folder), small buttons (i.e. Version History, Delete Item) and grouping of items,

  • Multi-line tooltips (hints),

  • Standard menu popups with images and grouping (line separator),

  • Multi-line (title + description) menu popups with images and grouping,

  • List-like popups WITH grouping of list items.

List with checkboxes:






Multi-line tooltips:



Standard menu popups:



Multi-line menu popups:



List-like popups:



Any advice or offerings of help would be much, much apperciate. If there would be someone else interested in collaboration over such project, please post below or PM me. Opening a Google-Code project could be a reasonable idea. Thanks!

Replying to myself…

To not reinvent the wheel or not trying to open already opened doors, one can use such beauties like Ext4Yii or ExtJS.…op/desktop.html

But these beauties are cost their price.