Coding Style

That’s an April 1 thing again, right?

that’s a psr-2 thing, right.

rolleyes - Ok, so how do I get at least my text editor (Notepad++) to give me four spaces with a single keystroke?

Because there is no damn way I am going to start hitting the space bar four times.

  • Ok, found I have a setting for it whew! Tab key now gives four spaces rather than a four space tab.

You should use an IDE like Netbeans or PHPStorm :confused:

Why should I?

Noone can force you but it’s just much more convenient.

I have found IDE’s to be far too resource hungry while offering me no advantage whatsoever. I hate seeing my computer lock up or running slow.

I despise code hints.

My latest project has over 500,000 lines of code and I have no trouble whatsoever knowing where everything is.

So, tell me why you think, not just vague suggestions.

  • Checks code w/o running it and suggests improvements.

  • Provides code analysis tools and displays results inline.

  • PHP-aware refactoring.

  • It provides much better navigation than you can get with just editor. Find usages is priceless.

  • Visual step by step debugging.

  • Integration with git.

  • Database manager.

  • Local history.

  • etc.

Ahh, but I have tools which I can run as needed. Navigation of what?.. the code? I have no problem there, sorry. As I said, I totally despise code hints… nothing worse than a distraction popping in my face when my mind is working. IDE’s are just way too resource hungry… which is ok if you like things slow I guess…

My humble editor is a little more powerful than you think.

I suggest you to try Sublime Text 3. It is more powerful than Notepad++, it is cross-platform, and it will offer you to convert tabs into spaces. So every your tab will be worth 4 spaces. It is very fast. I don’t like IDEs too. I use NetBeans only for code reformating. For example i do not like to write loops and conditional sentences in K&R style, I like Allman style.

This is what I preffer:

if (cond)


    // do something


So when I find some code that is written is K&R style ( and that is what yii2 folks are using ), I fire up NetBeans to reformat it and then start coding with Sublime. Too bad that sublime can not reformat code like this, I have tried with some plugins but they does not do what I want. But beside that Sublime Text 3 is amazing. I really recommend you to try it.

Here is one screenshot that will hopefully draw your attention :D

@Nenad, what’s the theme you’re using?

It is Spacegray but I customized it.