Coding Standard, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Hi all, I’ve created a little repository on github. This repository contains a copy of yii1.1.9, some files, and a some phing xml.

With this repo, I can create a basically yii web applycation:

$ git clone

$ cd Myii

$ phing config

phing ask me some parameters like appname, adminEmail, db values, …

This is ok!

Now I want to implement continuous integration, I want to implement my application with coding standard and test all my yii application with only one phing command. My target is to have a machine for continuous integration and continuous delivery to do tdd.

Well, I’ve created a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu 11.10. I’ve installed git, Netbeans, pear, phing, …phpcs (PHP_CodeSniffer), … Now?

I want to introduce in yii best practices! Can someone help me?