Coding Ergonomics

Just tried Monaco TTF. It’s better than consolas but there’s one thing if you’re going to use it. Do not use bold styling for your code. With Consolas it’s OK but with Monaco bold looks awful.

jacmoe, then you should go further and change everyhting else to be dark. Working with dark code while panels are white… I think it is a lot worse than working with everyhting white.

I’m using PhpStorm right now with Solarized Light (with a few customizations) and Adobe Source Code Pro. All is good.

The only thing that drives me crazy is PhpStorm’s light bulb.

You’re right. :)

Now, I need to figure out how to make Netbeans change colors.

It totally ignores my KDE theme.;)

Latest PHPStorm has some dark UI styles, as I know. These aren’t as good as light ones but at least they’re dark.

Now I abandoned all Java based IDEs, and switched to my favorite C++ IDE KDevelop.

It does PHP too! :)

With excellent code intelligence, and even features code completion, etc for Yii.

Here’s how it looks with KDE color style Obsidian Coast and the Oblivion Kate color scheme:



It looks good, jacmoe!

Now try Solarized Dark ;) It look very good.

Okay - last one from me:



Decided to try Aptana Studio again.

Default Aptana color scheme - and Aptana seems to take my current KDE (window manager) color config into account. Nice move! :)

Now that’s truly dark IDE.

You’re damn right. :lol:

To be honest, I went back to regular light grey with light solarized color scheme. :)