Codeception global installation conflicting with local vendor stack

I use Composer to manage PHP packages. The issue is I have a global Composer installation of the Codeception testing platform (so I can test all my apps with this global package) while my application uses local Composer installation of Guzzle HTTP Client for its normal operation. The issue is, when I bootstrap the application for tests, I get this error:

Any idea how to solve the issue?

Thanks ahead!

No simple solution, it seems. The best is to get rid of the global stack for good or use a separate script for global stack like described here:

I also had some problems (some errors) when using a global codecept installation so that a composer require --dev codeception/codeception... was enough (in my case) since I use that local codeception instalation to run the tests for Yii 2. No more problems since then.

Btw, I created an alias lcodecept to use local codecept installation when running tests inside tests\codeception\backend (or frontend).