codeception functional tests cannot get YII_ENV


I am new to testing, and I am trying to use codeception with WebDriver Selenium and phantomjs on Ubuntu. I am trying to create a fuctional test. I faced some problems because I am using a select2 widget which makes difficult for me to specify the input name. So because I would face the same problems in the future, change the code to complete successfully the fuctional test. After this, I thought that it could be easy to check if I am in testing environment and implement the corresponding solution. But when I checked the value and the servername during the fuctional test, it seems that it is in dev environment. I have double checked the configuration of the advanced app for testing which I didn’ t change a lot, and it looks like calling the index-test.php. What could be wrong? Maybe is the url manager or the apache rewrite module configuration but I am not sure. Could someone help me?

For the moment, I didn’ t solve the problem about the constants in YII_ENV, but solved my problems by specifying correctly the element in the html dom for the select2 widget.