Code Generator

Yii Team Extraordinaire,

I just created my first MySQL database bundle {Controller, Model, CRUD} with Yii using the Code Generator.

The Code Generator is AMAZING for a PHP based Application !

It is too early to tell, but boy, I am so happy that I found the article on Yii, so I thought I’d just let you guys know…

The only minor problem I’ve had so far was when I began printing the Definitive Guide, the font-size was way too small for late night reading and there is always way too much wasted white-space on pdf files, but I got around that by trading all the white-space for a larger font-size. I printed the larger font documentation, and it was much easier to read last night.

Here’s a link to the larger font-sized docs, in case it is helpful to somebody else.

Thanks very much for the framework,

Bill Hernandez

Plano, Texas