Hi All,

I would like to know one important thing for me about YII for CODE EDITORS.

Before, i have PRADO and i have some experience with PRADO i have used Dreamweaver to write code and design interface also by add-on Prado Extension PRADO.mxp and it works very well on file .PAGE ; example when i want to get a component just write <com:T… and then it shows list of component to select and also press space bar to get more a property. So my question is how can we do like this for YII?? Which Text Editor should i use to write code of CHtml and etc for YII please advise me.

I would like to learn more from Prado to YII.

Or well this question and answer were posted on forum already ?

Please …

Thank you

netbeans for example…

or eclipse

Web IDE, PhpEd.