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I am using CMultiFileUpload to upload a file in which I am facing an issue.

Please look below code :

			$this->widget('CMultiFileUpload', array(

				'name' => 'imagepath',


				'duplicate' => 'Duplicate file!', // useful, i think

				'denied' => 'Invalid file type', // useful, i think

				'options' =>array(

					'afterFileSelect'=>'function(e ,v ,m){

						    var fileSize = e.files[0].size;


							    alert("Exceeds file upload limit 2MB");



							  return true;




In this code, I have put a validation that user can not upload a file whose size is more than 2mb.

It is working fine. But the problem is that, when I select multiple files for uploading one by one. At last,If I select a file which is greater than 2mb, it will throw an error and discard all previous files also along with new one. Actually the behavior should be like only discard the new one file which is greater than 2mb.

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Can you post your model rules code…

We have not used any model.

It is static file created in YII.

You have given model file code.

But we dont have used any model file.

We have directly put entire code and validations in View files.

If you see my code, you come to know exactly about validations.