CMS Structure

Hi there,

Just posting here to hear some opinions about the way I’m doing things

Im doing a big cms system, with lots of funcionalities, and it will be used for a lot of people, alredy more than 100 sites/users will migrate to this version

What I’m doing is the following:

Superadmin (the staff) uploads a layout, choose which parts are editable by the clicking on it (JUI selectable on html tags) and after chooses which part/section is the main content

User creates a new web system (website, blog, forum or e-commerce) that share a model WebApp, chooses a layout and go to the create new page page and after create the page it will go to the edit page

In the website, which is the main focus:

The editable parts choosen by the layout uploader are clickable, and on the click it popups up which type of content he wants to put there (text/video/image/any kind of widget)

after users select, the widget is added to where the user clicked

any clickable/editable part of the layout is a section that has many contents in it

the table contents has the following:

– id - content_type - content_data(a serialized array with the widget’s options)

and a related table so this content is reusable

– content_id - page_id - section_id - section_position

in short

a webapp has many pages

a page has many sections

a section has many contents

a content has many real content (images,videos,news, etc)

well, in short, very short, it is it

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated

Now tell this to the potential users who don’t have a clue about internet technologies and want to edit all content in 2 clicks :D

P.S. Will be more nice to see all of these in action.

P.P.S. Why not use an exisiting CMS? There are so many "monsters"…


They have no clue how hard it is …

The thing is, we are a company in fast grown, its much better to know how everything was made in case of any problem … more control about it

Also I tested a couple and noone has the flexibility to extend I want

Also, we already have a fully working cms made by us

Part of it is already running, the layout upload, the section and content creation, with a couple bugs

Need a lot of work in the user permissions , translation module and add some functionalities our actual system already has (email, email marketing, finance module)

We will have free accounts with 10mb limit to test the system, in about 2 months (1,5 finish, 0,5 testing ) this will be launched, and I’ll post it under “yii powered websites” :D finally

Anyway, thanks for the comment!

agreed, by the time you know another CMS inside and out you could build one from scratch with Yii!

sounds like an interesting project


true, also I trust more in myself and my team than other to do it the way we want ( especially extendable and well structured, that why we choose Yii in the first place, we have been using zend for a long time in our actual CMS )

Thanks, it actually is … When done I’ll be releasing part of the code open source ( the base cms system ) and will post the link so you can have a test drive ( free accounts )

Anyway, thanks for the comments

Its always helpful to hear what other have to say

Im about to share part of it ( the layout part ) as an extension as discussed here

Still working on the details, cleaning up dependencies with the cms system, and soon will be released