CMenu - insert html / javascript code for one link instead of an url possible?

Hey guys,

what I want to do is make one of the links in my CMenu contain the "share" box of addthis which is normally contained in the "addthis compact button". So I want to insert a mixture of html, php and javascript code as result of a hover on the link. In the Class reference the only thing I could find was adding attributes and stuff like that …

Is something like this generally possible? If yes how … if not, how is it anyhow possible? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance,


Please don’t do that!

You can give the menu entry an ID, and use javascript to put the button there.

I think that would be so much cleaner. :)

Ahh all right … that sounds more like a better solution ;-).

What would you recommend for the button to make it invisible and let the hover effect take place on the link instead of the (hopefully not visible) button?