CMenu bug?

After create sceleton application replace in layout CMenu widget as API sample

My menu in attach. Is this correct?

Same problem.

Did you solved this problem ?

@all Where we are wrong ? It’s actualy only copy & paste.

An other solution, posted in the forum. is to use the MbMenu. But It should work out of the box with CMenu …


P.S. If this question already answered in the forum -> pls post the link.


It is the problem with the CSS


That means ?

Hope nobody minds me bumping the topic, cuz I have the same problem. I used Yiic to create the WebApp, and the CMenu example doesn’t work as instructed in the Class Reference. I get it it’s something to do with CSS, but what should I tweak?

Is there CSS files I can download to replace the defaults, that will make the CMenu work?

Hummmm… the MbMenu extension works just fine though! Strange that the extension works more consistently than the core though.

So… use MbMenu instead of CMenu! :)

In the skeleton program, the style of the global menu bar is defined in the /css/main.css file.



    background:white url(bg.gif) repeat-x left top;



It only supports one-level (flat, not nested) menu. So you have to write your own CSS if you want the global menu to be a multi-level nested one. Also, you have to write some javascript for it.

So, it may be a good idea to consider using some extensions.