Cmemcache Requires Php Memcached Extension To Be Loaded

Hi All,

I was trying to use caching in my application.

I have added these lines in config.



'useMemcached' => true,


    array('host'=>'', 'port'=>11211, 'weight'=>60),

// array(‘host’=>‘server2’, ‘port’=>11211, ‘weight’=>40),



In the component section.

But I am getting error "CMemCache requires PHP memcached extension to be loaded"

But using this post as a reference,

I have checked, that memcached extension is loaded.

Still I am getting this error.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

The above problem is solved. It was aactually my mistake.

There are a difference in "memcache" and "memcached". In my system memcached was not installed.

But now I have a different problem.

$timeZones = Timezones::model()->findAll();

                $timeZoneArray = array();

                foreach ($timeZones as $time) {

                        $timeZoneArray[$time->id] = $time->timezone;


                // now try caching

                $id = "abcd";

                $value = $timeZoneArray[10];

                Yii::app()->cache->set($id, $value, 120);


                $value = Yii::app()->cache->get($id);

                echo "<pre>";



Finally $value is empty.

When I display Yii::app()->cache, I was not able to see the values which I set for cache.

Any help.

For the above issue,

I found a solution on