CMaskedTextField to dispatch an AJAX request. Is that possible?

Hi, folks, it’s my first post here.

I hope you can help me. I’ve successfully coded some lines to make a CHtml::textField to dispatch an AJAX request, via its ‘ajax’ property.

However, the contents of the widged needs a mask, so I should switch from CHtml::textField to CMaskedTextField. The problem is that the latter has no ‘ajax’ support.

Is there any workarounds available? Thanks in advance.

I’ve managed to find a solution. I just put the following code at the bottom of the view containing the widget which should dispatch the AJAX request.


  if (! Yii::app()->clientScript->isScriptRegistered('scriptkey', CClientScript::POS_READY)) {


    $fn_success = 'function(json) {

      // The body of your success function goes here



    $fn_error = 'function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {

      // Just to let the user know if anything goes wrong  




    $fn_before_send = 'function(jqXHR, textStatus) {

      // Turn "Please wait..." message on. I used a CJuiDialog for that.



    $fn_complete = 'function(jqXHR, textStatus) {

      // Turn "Please wait..." message off




    // Determines the absolute path to the action to be called via AJAX.

    // This step is mandatory, as Yii won't help here.

    $url = Yii::app()->request->baseUrl . '/controller/action';  

    // Picks up the ID of the element on whose change AJAX will be dispatched

    $element = CHtml::activeId($model, 'my_masked_text_field');


    // Putting it all together

    $script = "


      $('#$element').change(function() {



          type: 'POST',

          url: '$url',

          cache: false,

          success: $fn_success,

          dataType: 'json',

          data : $('form').serializeArray(),

          error: $fn_error,

          beforeSend : $fn_before_send,

          complete: $fn_complete





    // Register the above script in jQuery's ready() function

    Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('scriptkey', $script, CClientScript::POS_READY);




Hi and welcome to the forum…

Nice that you solved your problem…

Anyway why do you think CMastedTextField does not have ajax support… if you check the source… you will see that it calls CHtml::textField() so if it works there should work even here…


You should be right. Nevertheless, I didn’t manage to work with AJAX in CMaskedTextField directly. I’ve got an error, something like “CMastedTextField has no ‘ajax’ property”. The solution I found was to handle jQuery AJAX capabilities without the intermediation of Yii.

You already solved this and it works… but for other users so that they don’t get the wrong idea…

The problem is that you probably tried to assign ajax property and as the error says CMAskedTextField does not have it… but it has htmlOptions

so a working solution would be something like this:

<?php $this->widget('CMaskedTextField',array(












Hey! That was great! Thanks a bunch! :D

By the way, you can read ‘Newbie’ just below my avatar ;)