CListView with enableHistory => true

Hello colleagues,

Yesterday I tried to configure one CLishView with enableHistory option set to true. In general it works well and it is a great feature that I wanted to have long time ago.

After that I added custom router rule to put the language in my url. With this rule the url should look like this:


The rule is : ‘<lang:\w{2}>/<controller:\w+>/<action:\w+>/*’=>’<controller>/<action>’, and I think it works fine.

The issue:

If I open the url through : ****.com/container/action the pager works as I expected

If I open it through: ****.com/en/container/action the pager does not work anymore

If I open it through: ****.com/container/action?lang=en the pager also does not work

What could be the problem for this case?

All ideas are welcome!

When I click on a pager button the url in the address bare changes like this:

from "/en/hotels/search" to

first click "/en/hotels/search/?/en/hotels/search/HotelsCommon_page/2="

second click "/en/hotels/search/?/en/hotels/search//en/hotels/search/HotelsCommon_page/2//ajax/yw0/HotelsCommon_page/2="

the next "/en/hotels/search/?/en/hotels/search//en/hotels/search//en/hotels/search/HotelsCommon_page/2//ajax/yw0/HotelsCommon_page/2//ajax/yw0/HotelsCommon_page/2="

And the page in the browser is not chenged even I clicked on the next page from the pager.

Anyone ?

The award for the right answer is a cold beer :)

I found the same problem in other my project and when I search in google for a solution I found my post here :)

Lol :)