CListView raw HTML

Hi! I can’t find any way to display raw HTML in CListView, so I hope this could be done? Is there any way to achieve this? I saw that grid and detail view have “raw” option, but not list view.

To display data CListView uses a template file -

In that file you can use whatever you need to display your data… even pure HTML…

I solved this with PHP “html_entity_decode” function. I thought there is some built-in functionality in framework for this view too :) Thank you for your answer.

hey Phantom can you please explore in details how you do that…?

I also have the same issue. Some textareas have wysiwyg editors on it, so Chtml::encode on the view files are NOT welcome. :)

When the CListView is called, we have a dataProvider passed with the strings we need BUT, that php function expected a string not an object…

So I am far from the answer myself.