CListView Pagination - Button functionality

I am using buttons in a CListView to change the status of the entities listed. Depending on this status I change the label of the buttons. See attachment.

Everything works fine, except when I move to a new page (pagination). There is no Java Script for the buttons on pages other than the initial page.

Partial view _form with CListView:


<?php $form=$this->beginWidget(‘CActiveForm’, array(



)); ?>

<?php $this->widget(‘zii.widgets.CListView’, array(





	'id' =&gt; 'teamListView',

)); ?&gt;

Partial view _memberview:


<div class="view">

<div style ="float:left;" >


 echo CHtml::link(CHtml::encode(&#036;data-&gt;first) . ' ' . CHtml::encode(&#036;data-&gt;last) , array('view', 'id'=&gt;&#036;data-&gt;id)); 



<div style ="float:right; ">


&#036;url = &#036;this-&gt;createUrl('/team/create&amp;id=' . &#036;data-&gt;id);

  if (&#036;data-&gt;getTagged(&#036;data-&gt;id)=='0') {

          echo CHtml::button('Add', array(

          'submit' =&gt; &#036;url,

          'id' =&gt; 'button' .  &#036;data-&gt;id,


  } else {

          echo CHtml::button('Added', array(

          'submit' =&gt; &#036;url,

          'id' =&gt; 'button' .  &#036;data-&gt;id,




Page source for one of the buttons:


$(‘body’).on(‘click’,’#button30’,function(){jQuery.yii.submitForm(this,’/yii/TeamDynamics/index.php?r=team/create&id=30’,{});return false;});

I found a similar problem in the forum (link), but no answer.

Any tips for how to make this work?

Thank you,