CListview n custom location of pagination

Hi all im trying to align my pagination items to the bottom of the table is there a non-css method?

and heres the widget code



				'ajaxUpdate'=>true,//requires an id


				'summaryText'=>'Page {page} of {pages}',

				'template'=>'{items}<span style="float:right;font-style:italic;font-size:11px;" >'. $dataProvider->getItemCount() . 'items</span>{pager}',

				'emptyText'=>'No items to display',




			        'header'=>'<h3>Profile List</h3>',//text before it

			        'firstPageLabel'=>'First',//overwrite firstPage lable

			        'lastPageLabel'=>'Last',//overwrite lastPage lable

			        'nextPageLabel'=>'Next',//overwrite nextPage lable

			        'prevPageLabel'=>'Last',//overwrite prePage lable




See the blog demo: views/post/index.php.

The pager is displayed at the bottom there.

I have copied your code into the demo and it works too.

Your template is right: {items}… {pager}

Maybe you have some custom css around, you have to investigate with firebug …

Play around with the pager of the blog demo.