Clistview Loading Image

Hi, does any knows how to change the loading.gif image on ClistView?

I can override background url on list-view-loading class, but it will always be behind the div content. Any idea?


loading.gif is published by assetManager from yii framework files.

You can supply your own class name if thats what you are after.

or entire css file.

Hi Imre! Thanks for your reply.

In order to change the image I overwrote background image for ‘list-view-loading’ class (the default). This is almost what I want. The issue is that as its a background image the list is in front of it ;(

What I want to do is to add an image in front (with z-index) of the listing… any idea?

Thanks again!

I dont think it is possible to bring elements background image to front of its content with only css. Javascript tricks, wrapping element into containers or modifying CListView generated code is needed for that.

Default image looks ok because children divs are not covering the space.

You cold try increasing padding-top.

Or manipulate visibility of children elements

.list-view-loading > div {

    visibility: hidden;


or add transparency

.list-view-loading > div {

    opacity: 0.7;


Hi! Yes, transparency is what I’ve done…

I am checking the possibility of using jquery and put it in ‘beforeAjaxUpdate’

Thanks for your help

Best regards!