CListView items css class change on the 4th, 8th, etc record.


is there a way inside the CListView that i can tell itthat for X records change the items css class?

i need to set four records in a row. the problem is that it my design my 4th record should see appended

something like

<div class="span-4 last"> RECORDS DATA HERE </div>


while all the other ones would just have


<div class="span-4"> RECORDS DATA HERE </div>

i really need your help on this one, thanks in advance …

PS - i’m using the blueprint.css that ships with Yii.

Probably you can make use of a varialbe named "$index" in the view for the list items.

See the reference : CListView::itemView

thanks alot for the information softark.

you’re saving the day once again.

I used $index to check for the first record and to check for odd and even records, but how do I check for the last record if I don’t know the number of records I have?

The total number of the records can be retrieved from the data provider using getTotalItemCount().


And a variable "$widget" can be used to refer to the CListView in the item view script.


So, the following should tell you the total item count in the item view script.


Thanks for the hint. This should work. In the meantime I resigned to use the CListView and used my own loop through th elements.