CListView infiniteScroll maintain index variable


I am using CListView with infiniteScroll extension.

There is one special variable $index in clistview which is return 0 based index value.

But in infiniteScroll widget when I click on "Load More" button and load other data it will reset index and start with 0(Zero) again. Is there any way to maintain all previous index value in it ?

Like in first load there is a 12 data loaded , after that click on "Load More" another data will start loaded with indexing value 13,14,15 …

My code is as below, can any one help me on this ?


//echo Yii::app()->session[‘FirstLoad’]."==="; exit;

//$this->pos = 0;

$this->widget(‘zii.widgets.CListView’, array(

‘id’ => ‘SubmissionList’,

‘dataProvider’ => $FourthTierRecords,

‘itemView’ => ‘_view’,

‘emptyText’ => ‘Coming Soon’,



// ‘updateSelector’=>’{page}, {sort}’,

‘template’ => ‘{items} {pager}’,

‘pager’ => array(

‘class’ => ‘ext.infiniteScroll.IasPager’,

‘rowSelector’ => ‘.nodlt’,

‘listViewId’ => ‘SubmissionList’,

‘header’ => ‘’,

‘loaderText’ => ‘Loading…’,

‘options’ => array(

‘onRenderComplete’ => “js:function (items) { /init_addthis();/ createSwingEffect();}”,

‘history’ => true, ‘triggerPageTreshold’ => 1, ‘trigger’ => ‘Load more’),





I don’t think there’s a way to automatically have that index updated.

You could recalculate it based on the pageSize var * pageNumber.