CListView help


I’m new here in Yii

Perhaps the question that I will do is very newbie or someone already did it

but here it goes

I have a CListView and wanted to show only records that have fields in a table like (id = 3) for example

instead of showing all records

the objective is to show only the records that are linked to the user

like in the pitcure the records who have id pessoa = 1

Sure. You just need to add criteria to your dataprovider. For example:

$dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider('MyModel', array(





Thanks a lot, it works

I’m still trying to learn and understand the functioning of Yii

No problem. I feel like I’ve just reached critical mass. I understand enough to get some things done.

And another question

In the picture shows for example the group: 1 and raca: 1

how do I show the group name which has id = 1?

You should post your code. I believe you can get what you want by editing your ‘itemView’ file.

I already discovered how to do this

In the model I set relations, and in the file _view

I changed:

<?php //echo CHtml::encode($data->raca_id); ?>

for this:

<?php echo CHtml::encode($data->Raca->raca_nome); ?>

i found the solutions over here: