CListView Ajax Update

On my page I have a CListView widget and a search form. Currently the search form generates the GET query string for the CListView to display the results. All this works fine, including the pagers and sorting in AJAX mode, but now I have a requirement to convert the search form to AJAX. That means:

  1. As soon as a dropdownlist option is changed, or when a checkbox is ticked/unticked, the form is submitted and the results are updated AJAX style (including some form of progress indicator).

  2. When the user has clicked in to a result, they should be able to return back to the results page and all previous form inputs should be re-populated (and same resultset displayed).

I have done a search of the forum for this, as I suspect that it’s not a rare request. I have found some topics but nothing that gives me a good example of how this needs to be implemented.

So I would appreciate some guidance from fellow members :)



I’m currently doing something similar to this - enabling browser history on a page with a CListView list that is paginated using Ajax, so that if I click on the ‘next page’ link for the list, the page of the list is loaded through Ajax, but then if I use the browser back button it returns to the previous Ajax list page, rather than the actual previous Html page.

I’ve almost finished an extension of CListView for it (unfortunately we have to extend - this is not something that I can see a way to do just by changing parameters, especially since the Javascript file used by CListView is hard coded).

I’ll let you know what I’ve done when finished (quite soon hopefully).

I’m using the JQuery BBQ plugin that is loaded anyway through CListView.

Hi GStar!

I have finished the extension I was doing, and I think it should suit your needs.

You can download the files from the thread.

Let me know if it’s any use to you.