Clistview Ajax Pagination

I have a cListView, pageSize=1, I want to have a pagination like

First Previous Next Last, respectively . but if i use the pager property of cListview, the arrangement will be

Previous First Last Next. and I dont know how that happen.

then i tried widget CLinkPager but the problem it that this is slow. Better to be using ajax.

Any extension or any tutorial that can help me?


please see this link i hope it may be helpful…

I dont have any problem with the summary. my concert here is with the pager/pagination. But thanks for your reply

you want to change the name only

First Previous Next Last,


Previous First Last Next


Nope. the name is good… Previous has the function of previous.

BUT the arrangement is Previous First Last Next.

i think you want to add the pager class on grid view…


                'header'=>'',//text before it


                'prevPageLabel'=>'',//overwrite prePage lable

                'firstPageLabel'=>'',//overwrite firstPage lable

                'lastPageLabel'=>'',//overwrite lastPage lable

                'nextPageLabel'=>'',//overwrite nextPage lable



i am not sure it’s work fine or not

yeah. i think this would work fine too. but the positioning is not good.

can i handle css of navigator for pager?

you can overwrite the css

div.pager ul.yiiPager li.selected a {

    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #AE1111;

    color: #FFFFFF;


i’ve got this.



this uses min.css and min.js

that’s why my css wont work for all the navigation buttons…