Clinkpager With Parameter Post

Dear Friend ,

I want to submit some parameter with CLinkPager. Because this pagination page will come after search. So problem is when i click next page then searching parameter value get empty, so result is empty that means page is empty. For that reason i want to post search parameter again with cLinkPager. How is it possible. Help me…

$this->widget(‘CLinkPager’, array(‘pages’ => $pages,));

[Note: this parameter value do not pass by url. it will go hidden or post type. . ]

Try passing your parameter values with GET, that is how it’s supposed to work I think.

Using POST will not solve any security issues, except against those with exceptionally low IT skills.

You need to ensure server-side, that the user has permission to view/edit/whatever, a certain resource. If not, throw a 403 Forbidden error.