CLinkPager with filtering results


I created a search form on the top of my user list, and I also have a CLinkPager implemented on the bottom.

As soon as I click on another page, it "forgets" my filtering results, of course/

So how can I add a little "tail" with my search parameters to the CLinkPager?



Save the results in a session

Then in the controller use this data

really? there is no way to just "patch-on" some variables to that link?

You mean that your filter is based on some POST variables and you want to pass them in the pager widget so they can be applied in the creation of the clicked page list?

I don't know if this is possible but it could be a good idea

yes, something like that …

let's say I have a searchForm with name and age fields. my user enters 55 for the age, so I'll only list the ppl who's 55yrs old.

and I'd patch this information to the end of my generated pager or sorter and it'd look liek this:


does this make sense or I'm just being picky?