CLinkPager shows wrong Number of Pages


i have a query which returns 64 Records and i use CLinkPage with

10 Records per Page (default). It should show 7 Page-Links for this query,

but on first Page (and only there) it shows only 6 Links.

I figure it out to the CLinkPager->getPageRange() method.

the following line calculate the endPage (index for the for-statement):


assuming following values:

$pageCount = 7;

$currentPage = 0;

$maxButtonCount = 10 (default);

then follows like the line above:

$endPage = min(6, 0+5) => 5

but endPage should be 6 there…

this will not work correctly between 60 and 90 records.

I am using revision 484 and haven't test it with current revision, but the method equal in both revisions

Greetings from Germay.


Could you please create a ticket for this? Thanks!

Sorry qiang, i don't have a gmail-account…

No problem. I created it.

Thanks :slight_smile: