ClinkColum renderDataCellContent() Example

Hi , i have my grid



            'header'=>'Property Name',




link is going me to a new page rendering my main again i cant work with that , i need to that link shows the content on the page im in update a div, using the renderDataCellContent() maybe then have a button to back to the grid again or that the link just do a renderpartial in the view im already in , i was trying to test renderDataCellContent() but i cant find any example can someone give me a hand here ?

Thanks for your time, time is money.

i am not understanding your question if you want link on gridview .i think that is u have already.tell specific what u want

Thanks for your reply,

yes the link is working good , but is not really what i need , i need "the view " of the link to be shown at my current view in a blank div or try to use renderDataCellContent to render the link inside of my gridview and then have a button to get back to the grid , but i guess the best way is to show the view LINK in a div ?