clientValidation for CHtml::textfield

How can I possible to validate through clientValidation as we done in CActiveForm to CHtml?

If you want to use the built in clientValidation you will have to use CActiveForm I guess. Every Validator that you define in your models rules (like "string" etc.) has a method that is used to create the client side JavaScript needed for clientValidation. Take a look at the CStringValidator clientValidateAttribute() method here:

Just a hint. If you really want to bypass CActiveForm for some reason use $model->validators to get the validators and then use $validator->clientValidateAttribute() to render the JS code

please correct you question and be more specific what exactly you trying to validate?

i need to get an ajax page with cactive form facility. Like when I choose the number of applicants from one dropdown,that much applicants details(first name, last name etc) need to enter and when i click on submit button the clientvalidation should happen.This is my requirement.