Client Side Validation Internet Explorer Does Not Work

I’m using client side validation. This works in Firefox and Chrome,

but doesn’t work in IE(9). The captcha link (request a new image) is not

visible either.

When i press F12 to get the IE console, and

press F5 afterwards, the client side validation

works and the captcha request link is visible like it should.

Does IE ‘forget’ to load a specific (js) file?

Or is something else going wrong?


Interesting, I founded similar issue due to a "console.log();" instruction. the issue is that console.log not exists if you havent pressed F12 (LOL). For me the issue is IE9 =).

IE does not show any javascript error if you work without F12?

Thank you for your reply!!! In one of my scripts I was logging to the console. But I didn’t check wether or not the console was enabled in the browser. So, on IE it gave a error.

This issue was for me in IE9 too