Clear, concise beginiing tutorial

Hi there,

is there any complete clear concise tutorial on how to start using yii ?

What I want is one that takes me through installing and running on windows with the minimum of fuss. Particularly important is how to deal with problems of which there seems to be many.

The Ullman one is a mish mash of mac, linux and other stuff with no complete instructions / example for any particular system. There is not instructions on dealing with problems.

I having been trying for several hours to get a basic example working but all I get are incomprehensible errors. At the moment I get an error saying a maximum setlocal limit is reached. It has not been possible to generate a first example.

I am willing to give this one more go if someone can give a clear step by step set of instructions …

Have you followed the definitive guide to yii - creating first Yii application

After that try the Yii Blog tutorial

You may also find few cookbooks practicle as well:

Yii blog tutorial linked by mdomba is better than any other PHP framework tutorial I have seen recently. For me, it was a big factor in deciding to give Yii a try.

I recently finished the Agile Yii 1.1. book. It was definitely worth taking the time to go through the book step by step. The author did a great job of including all you need to know to get started with concrete examples. The section on TDD (test driven development) probably was one of the best surprises. At first I thought it was a bit annoying and I wanted to get straight to coding the app. However, soon found out that using the unit test framework allows one to debug and find problems super quickly and really turbo charged my development time. Now I build an test whenever I change the model and it has saved my tons of time in the long run, not to mention more confidence in the code quality. So my humble advice is to bite the bullet and work through all of the tutorials. When you get stuck ask for help on the forum, and definitely post your results with clear keywords in the title and description. This is not just for others sake, but you will find that by forcing you to write down the problem and your troubleshooting steps in a concise way, that you will better grasp and retain the concepts.

I can recommend both Yii books and the Yii blog tutorial. Gone through this and you are on the topic.