Class 'scotthuangzl\googlechart\GoogleChart' not found

Hello I’m trying to make use of the Google Chart in Yii2, I’ve use a widget that I found on the Yii wiki.

I’ve followed all the instruction and it seems like I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m getting an error.


use yii\helpers\Html;

use scotthuangzl\googlechart\GoogleChart;

/* @var $this yii\web\View */

echo GoogleChart::widget(array('visualization' => 'PieChart',

	'data' => array(

		array('Task', 'Hours per Day'),

		array('Work', '11'),

		array('Sleep', '24'),

		array('Commute', '1.5')





<h1>Reporting Charts</h1>


   Currently On Maintenance


Am I missing something? Pardon my ignorance.


By the way, I’ve already done the composer update and stuff.

Do you actually have scotthuangzl\googlechart\GoogleChart in the vendor directory?

Of course.

That’s why I’ve already done the composer update.


I have fixed it, what I’ve done was I deleted the folder of the widget and did a composer update then I installed it again.

I wasn’t being flippant. Just asking in case composer didn’t work. Which it looks like it didn’t :)