Class Reference search focus

Recently we removed the initial focus on the class reference page -

Before on every page of the class reference the initial focus was on the search input field (Look up a class, method, property or event)… so that on page load you could just type what you need to search… now a click to the input field is needed…

I would like to see what is the users preference for this…

initial focus or not…

I don’t care since I’m using Opera’s address bar like this: yii cactiverecord.

Now it is able to search from FF,IE,Chrome,Opera. With opensearch plugin.

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Thank you guys! I have split the two searches. I also wrote the following wiki articles. Please feel free to update it if anything is described incorrectly.

Hmm. Can’t make it work in Chrome. I’ve also tried the suggestion from the wiki comment to first go to Can’t see any different behavior in the omnibar. Yii also doesn’t appear in the list of search engines on right click.

I’m on Ubuntu with Chrome 6.0.472.63. Will test on Windows tomorrow.

[font="Arial"][size="2"]works fine with Chrome 7.0.517.44 (Windows XP) …and this is a great tip !

I first tried "Enter in the browser URL address field and press TAB or SPACE key to toggle Yii API Search", [/size][/font][color="#222222"][font="Arial"][size="2"]and then could edit Yiisearch in the chrome search engine list)[/size][/font]


Forgot to test on Windows today. But updated to 7.0.517.44 on Ubuntu and still can’t make it work. I only see the usual suggestions when i type ‘’. TAB and SPACE don’t do anything specific. And Yii is still not in the list of search engines. Should it get added automatically there?

Update: It suddenly works now! Nice.