Class '' not found


I have created a module with a widget.

in web.php:

‘modules’ => [

    'acAddressBE' => [

        'class' => 'app\modules\acAddressBE\acAddressBE', //tot module acAddressBE.php file



In widget def:

namespace app\modules\acAddressBE\widgets;

in form:

… app\modules\acAddressBE\widgets\AddressAutoComplete::widget($config);

Class ‘app\modules\acAddressBE\widgets\AddressAutoComplete’ not found

Strange thing is… On my mac (osx yosemite) it’s working fine. I’ve commited everything and pushed it to my server. The code is not working there (centos). I pulled it to my other computer (linux mint)… not working.

So I removed it from my macbook. Cloned it again… and still it works…

SO what is wrong ? any idea’s ?

Is your HFS+ case insensitive (but case preserving)? If so check calls for lower/upper case mismatch with file names.

That’s it. refactored the name. It’s starting with a capital as well now (same as the class).