Class not found when run in webserver

i tried uploading all the stuff i had in a clients webserver.

everything went fine… except for the admin section [which worked fine on my computer’s local server]

i have a model called ‘content’ and that’s what the admin landing page uses as a content. it runs problem-free on my computer. but on the server it says:

Fatal error: Class 'content' not found in /home/earnpili/public_html/yii/framework/yiilite.php on line 6262

is there something wrong with the directories? i have the slightest idea. i’m a noob. ???

You may check the /model/Content.php does it exist and whether there is content. Sometimes when you upload file, there is possibility that the file size is zero

Also check the case. If your local computer is Windows it doesn’t look at the case. The views and controllers should start with lowercase (I think !?)…

yes its done in every way that you said… i dunno wth is the problem… -_-