Class not found error in 1.1 project

I have “inherited” a 1.1 project that I am now trying to figure out. The app is up and running on a live server, but when I am trying to run a local copy of it I get the following error:
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class “Aclass” not found in path\Bclass.php on line 2

To clarify, Bclass.php is “Bclass extends Aclass” and Aclass is in ‘path\extensions\giix-components’.
In my conf file I have

// autoloading model and component classes
‘import’ => array(
‘ext.giix-components.*’, // giix components

so I don’t understand why Aclass can not be found, since it should be loaded.
Note: ‘ext’ seems to be an alias of ‘application.extensions’ . I also tried replacing it with the full ‘application.extensions.giix-components.*’ but it didn’t do any good.
Any thoughts please?

Check if this may help
or this

Also note this difference in import declaration (different dir structure?)

  1. Configure your application to automatically load the giix component classes when needed, like:
'import' => array(
            'ext.giix.components.*', // giix components

The folder of the extension is named ‘giix-components’. Probably an older version of giix. I see now they have changed the structure.