Class Diagram of the part of Yii that implements RBAC

Hi all,

I need the class diagram of the part of Yii Framework that implements Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), OR it would be even better if it was possible to get the class diagram of the whole framework.

I desperately need it and I would deeply appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

This one is for 1.0 but may help.

Don’t know if this wiki article will help.


Thank you very much Tommy.

I think I need to print it in an A3 paper to comprehend it.

But I wonder whether you know if RBAC implemented in the framework adheres to the RBAC basic security design pattern shown in Figure 4 (page 5) in this paper:

If you know, please let me know because it will not be of any use if it has not actually any thing to do with that pattern. So, you will help me save time/effort that I would spend trying to figure that out.

Thanks in advance

if you can not open the link, the paper I meant is: "A pattern language for security models".

Please google it.

I haven’t yet used Yii RBAC. Some links that may be helpful:

The Definitive Guide to Yii

IAuthManager interface

Wiki article

RBAC extensions search

Rights extension

Usergroups extension

No doubt Yii implements parts of the RBAC pattern mentioned above (like composite roles). But, as mentioned in the article, e.g. Windows (ACL/group policies) is one implementation holding more resemblance.